Monday, 18 February 2013

More confirmed workshops

We have confirmed some more of the conference sessions - the updated programme is available here.

On Thursday 11th, we have two more workshops confirmed: Jo Alcock will be running a workshop on Considering your online presence. As online communication becomes more and more common in society, it is important to consider what our online presence tells people about us. The session will be interactive in nature and consider elements of marketing, knowing our strengths, thinking about our personal brand, and using social media effectively. Participants will come away with an idea of the messages they aim to convey about themselves and ways to tailor their use of social media to support that.

Jo Alcock is a research at Evidence Base, providing research, evaluation and consultancy for library and information services. Jo has been an active user of online media since 2007, for both professional and personal use. She blogs as Joeyanne Libraryanne and tweets at @joeyanne.

The second confirmed workshop will be run by Inge Aben, a coach and lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Inge will be running a workshop on influencing and negotiation skills, encouraging delegates to apply their skills to their own work.

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